Want to give curling a try? These one-time beginner’s courses last about 90 minutes and are a great opportunity, whether you are looking for a new skill as a high-performance athlete or simply want to try a fun and unique activity. No experience or equipment is necessary.

The number of participants is limited to ensure everyone has quality time on the ice, so pre-registration is recommended to guarantee a spot.

If you have a group larger than 10 individuals, please visit our private events page to learn about unique opportunities for larger groups. 


Upcoming Learn to Curl Events


Learn to Curl sessions in 2020

Where: ImOn Ice (formerly Cedar Rapids Ice Arena)

When: Tuesday, Jan 7 or April 7 (please show up 15 minutes early to sign in and sign a waiver)

Cost: $15 per person

7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan 7, 2020 @ ImOn Ice (SOLD OUT! -Sign up for the waitlist)

7 p.m. Tuesday, April 7, 2020 @ ImOn Ice (Canceled due to COVID-19)



What to expect

When you arrive, you will complete short paperwork and pay the instructional fee. We’ll start the session with a quick off-ice discussion about the basics of curling, safety, and etiquette. Then you’ll head onto the ice to learn how to throw and sweep the stone. Finally, we’ll put it all together by playing a short game. Don’t worry, our instructors will be with you all the way, discussing strategy and answering all your questions.

What to bring

Cedar Rapids Curling provides all the necessary curling equipment, but you will be on ice and the air temperature usually is in the 40s. Dress in warm, loose-fitting clothing (tight jeans will hinder movement). You may want to shed a layer once you start playing. Many participants are more comfortable wearing gloves or mittens and a hat.

Bring a separate pair of athletic shoes, whose soles are clean of any rocks, dirt, gum, grass, etc., to wear on the ice (no heels, open toed shoes, dress shoes, boots, slippers, loafers, or any footwear with a hard sole). Do not wear these shoes to the arena, as you they will pick up the previously mentioned rocks, dirt, gum, grass, etc. from the outside.

Don’t forget to bring a sense of humor!

Physical and age requirements

Cedar Rapids Curling will find a way for any interested person who can safely be on the ice to participate when their physical abilities do not allow for typical curling styles and techniques. We have special stone delivery devices for those who may not be able to comfortably crouch down to deliver (throw) stones and we can accommodate individuals with more significant physical limitations. Contact us with questions about your particular circumstances if you have concerns; we almost certainly will be able to accommodate.

Those younger than 18 require a consent form to be signed by a legal parent or guardian. Under 15 must be accompanied on the ice by a parent or guardian, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. If a parent or legal guardian is not able to attend, please print and sign the Cedar Rapids Curling Waiver.