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Curling Equipment

First-time curlers

Items to bring  your first time curling

  • Warm, loose-fitting clothes (sweatshirt, sweater, light jacket). Jeans/denim is not recommended.
  • Gloves and a hat
  • Wear flat, clean shoes, such as running shoes. No heels or open-toe shoes.
  • A good nature, sense of humor, and  a willingness to try something unique

Items we’ll supply

  • Curling stones
  • Step-on sliders for delivery
  • Brooms
  • Stabilizers
  • Volunteers with enthusiastic instruction

Equipment for regular curlers

If you decide curling is for you, there are two basic pieces of equipment you may want to buy:

  • Curling shoes: Wearing curling shoes can make a huge difference in your game. The sole of each curling shoe is different. One sole is made of Teflon and allows curlers to slide. You also will want to buy a removable gripper to cover the slider when you're not delivering the stone. The other shoe has a grippy sole of equal thickness to the sliding sole to keep the curler level. Curling shoes are also generally warmer than regular athletic shoes. If you don't want to buy curling shoes, you also can buy grippers to put on your tennis shoes for more grip. 
  • Broom: Curling brooms come in a variety of weights and materials, including fiberglass and carbon fiber. The lighter weight and upgraded materials make it easier to sweep than using the club brooms. 

Additional equipment you may want:

  • Broom head cover to keep your broom clean while not in use.
  • Gloves with a grippy surface. Baseball batting gloves or golf gloves can be an option for this.
  • Stabilizer. Directions to make your own stabilizer

Where to buy curling equipment

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